Congress-City of Cologne

c for cologne. c for communication.
c for concepts, creativity and culture
centrally located in the heart of europe.

The whole world is at home in Cologne.

Cologne is a multi-cultural hub of communication that looks back on a 2,000-year history. Its people are well known for their hospitality and zest for life. Cologne is a media centre with a million inhabitants. This cathedral city on the Rhine is a business
hub in the west of Germany and the heart of Europe. It’s a centre of art and culture. A university city with a fine heritage. A global melting pot, multi-faceted and exciting, with a wealth of tourist attractions set in beautiful surroundings. And the diversity, originality
and quality of its event venues are unmatched virtually anywhere. It’s all in the heart of
Cologne. Last but not least, Cologne has an outstanding traffic infrastructure with an excellent public transport network. And with motorways leading to Cologne from every direction and a main station served by 1,200 trains daily, it’s easy to reach.With two
international airports nearby – Cologne-Bonn and Düsseldorf – and direct InterCity Express trains to Frankfurt Airport. Cologne, at the heart of Europe.

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